Residential homes and healthcare

Why not let us bring a small group of Alpacas to you? Alpacas are known for their therapeutic properties and ours are no exception. We spend a lot of time training and working with them to ensure they trust us in any situation, as a result they are quiet and nicely behaved. They love an afternoon out meeting new friends. The visit is aimed at residential and nursing homes where the alpacas are really good therapy. Residents can stroke the animals and feed them or just sit and watch them. The visit is suitable for all age groups and ranges of mental capability. We also bring items for the residents to see and feel; yarn, fleece and photographs. Sam the Labrador likes to tag along to get his share of the attention too. 


In the warmer weather we bring the hurdles to make a pen and all the other equipment necessary. All we need is a small area of grass and access to water. Residents can come outside and meet the alpacas and be told a little about them. Our alpacas just love to be fed vegetables, which we bring with us. Those that want to are very welcome to feed the alpacas by hand.

One of our alpacas is quite happy going into buildings for a short period of time, he has been in a lift and up a regular flight of steps. For the residents who have not been able to get out to see the group of alpacas we can take him right up and into the bedrooms. Residents can stroke the animals and feed them or just sit and watch them.



Testimonial from Herons Lea, Abbotsham:

The alpacas have visited us several times. The residents are always eager to go outside and hear all about them. Everyone thoroughly enjoys the experience as it is something so different. It gives a good opportunity for people to go out and socialise in the sunshine. I would recommend a visit from them. It’s very calming for people with dementia and therapeutic for them.

In colder weather when residents can not congregate outside to see the alpacas we can still come but the visit takes a slightly different format. The first half hour we will bring one alpaca in and visit any communal areas indoors, the second session is with Sam the Labrador visiting while the alpaca has a rest, the final section we will bring all three alpacas (two are trainees) in to a lounge area for a short period then return the two trainees to the trailer while the fully socailised one goes visiting around some individual rooms.

You need not worry about mess, they are house trained. We have full insurance and risk assessment forms, copies of which are available on request.

Visits are £60 plus a 45p mileage cost. Please contact us to discuss availability and your individual requirements.